воскресенье, 13 ноября 2011 г.

Women in Art

 I am preparing a multimedial event about women, called WOMEN IN ART Show, in march 2011 in La Biennale de Montevideo, resto-pub from Sorocabana Palace.
  This is a famous Palace in art and intelectual uruguayan world and history, the walls and newspapers spoke and speake about, all intellectuals from 900 generation was there, making them artistic and intellectual activities: writers, journalists, fine artists, etc; so is a great honor be and participate in exhibitions in that place.

  Plaza Cagancha is called too the place of the artists, Biennale de Montevideo doors open on this historic centre, with neighboors as Museo Jose Pedro Varela and Ateneo de Montevideo Museum.
  Each art small room have so so 100 square metres,one of them with door to 50 metres far to 18 de Julio Avenue (thats central Montevideo Avenue)
  An exhibition to change our destiny, to change Art history (what not include women in official books about Art)
  An exhibition to become big exhibit nexts years and become itinerant project in Uruguay 2012.
  The event will during minimun 10 days (march 3 to march 17) in first exhibition and will becoming itinerant exhibit in near future for indeterminated time
with participation in international MAY 8th events of the Montevideo city.

 curator  Noemi Silvera 

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