суббота, 9 июня 2018 г.

RoboHuman (selfportrait, Face to Face or to the another reality)

The Future Society will be super industrial, but it won’t be like the present capitalist society.
Nations will disappear and people will speak, communicate in one language. Cloning and transplantation will be very important in scientific research. People will create supersensitive and emotional robots similar to themselves.
The transformations of such instincts as satisfaction of stomach and sexual desires, destruction each other and others will finally differentiate Man from mammals.
In the future, the line between human and machine will almost disappear. Progress in technology will allow people to improve themselves with cybernetic parts. Scientists will unite the strongest qualities, transplanting the human brain into a fully synthetic body, which will erase this face even more.
It will be a race of humanoid robots.

In the future, the role of the artist in creating humanlike robots will be very important. They will portray, create, collaborate with other specialists from different fields of science and technology. They will be carriers of a New Cultural Era.

Augmented Reality