вторник, 18 сентября 2018 г.

Preserving the Environment

This graphic representation is a mirror image of a rotating planet, decentralized modern systems and molecular structures. It is covered with bees, which are known to play a very important role in our ecosystem. Unfortunately, this species is now under threat of extinction, which can pose a huge threat to our civilization in the near future.
New technologies and alternative ways are the most important guarantees of the future development and maintenance of our ecosystem.
Consequently, the environments surrounding us, the systems of flora and fauna, are an integral part of our constantly changing being, which undoubtedly need our care and attention. It reflects many global problems, the need for ecology, environmental protection, etc.
What also gives us an alternative opportunity to look at the future for our society.

Digital Decentralisation

New world economy, culture will be formed around New civilization centers. Super powerful Corporations as structures that coordinate and monitor the state, economy, politics, science and culture. Technologies, New educational systems will be first rate and on the highest level of development. The notions North-South, East-West will disappear.
Finally people will manage to receive unlimited amount of energy. World Economy will be exclusively based on energy and hydro resources. Man will reach maximal harmony with Nature. Mechanized systems will replace physical work.
Human individuality will be expressed through digital technologies. Religions and human races will disappear. Cloning will be a necessity. A new moral psychological area will be formed, new relations will exist. The world will unrecognizably change. The residences and cities will have absolutely new schemes connected with the physical changes of the planet. They will be overwater and underwater, over ground and underground. Global Culture will be formed, there will only be World Consciousness.