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A Book About Death

at the Almendra Sandoval Quetzalcoatl Feathersnake Gallery, Seattle Washington, USA .

In the spirit of the NYC exhibition, artists are asked to create a "page" for the unbound book about death. The art exhibited in Seattle will be archived in the permanent gallery collection. The art will be available for future exhibition opportunities to share the Seattle pages from the global unbound book about death.
“A Book About Death” is an artists’ collaborative project conceived by collage artist Matthew Rose for the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City where the original exhibition took place from September 10 - 22, 2009. Over 500 artists contributed 500 postcards each created from artworks made especially to create an unbound book about memory and death. The exhibition has become a global phenomenon, as well as becoming part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the LA County Museum of Art Research Library. For more information about the scope and history of the project, please visit the archive: http://abookaboutdeatharchive.blogspot.com/

A very brief selection of ABAD exhibitions in Brazil:
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Ray Johnson and A Book About Death SAL Gallery, Brookville, NY
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Sponsorship: Water
Water is the most basic need for life. Without water, there is nothing.
A Book About Death Seattle is partnering with Mwanzo Proud Farmers, a US based non-profit organization. The mission of Mwanzo Proud Farmers is "To expand and diversify Kenyan cash and food crop farming as environmentally and economically sustainable business in rural communities."
The founder/director of Mwanzo Proud Farmers is Loyce Ong’udi who was a Harry Truman Scholar at the University of Washington where she studied leadership development and non-profit management. Loyce is using her education and history of international non-profit development experience to bring water and rural farming to her childhood village in rural Kenya, as well assurrounding villages. Loyce is bringing irrigated water to regions decimated by AIDS in Kenya.
To learn more about her work, please visit MWANZO PROUD FARMERS.
A Book About Death seeks sponsorship to cover the costs of the exhibition at the Quetzalcoatl Feathersnake Gallery and assist Mwanzo Proud Farmers in bringing life to rural Kenya.


curator Kathleen McHugh

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