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A Book About Life

International   Call for Artists   Mail Art Project
non profit initiative 
There are many artists worldwide and our vision is art without borders.
We are all creative in his or her country.  We are connected with similar modes of expression,free thinking, actions and visions. 
We are able to translate our vision into our works of art.
If we unite, we are more powerful than you can imagine.
We have the power to pick up on social, political and cultural phenomena, examine it and finally publish this through our art.
With this we can improve the world. I firmly believe it!
I propose we make a book of art, communicating our vision.
A book about Life
The first chapter is called:
Human Rights - The senseless death
People die every day due to war games, profit, or by negligence towards fellow human beings.
This is a book about the living for the living in memory of the victims!
The book will give hope and raise awareness; it will show the world that we as artists can create a common piece of art, without prejudices, barriers and borders.
Together we are strong!
I think it is a human right that no human being should die senselessly!

Curator Sabine Schlossmacher


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